About Auspex

Mission Statement

Projects delivered on time and within budget

Since Auspex's incorporation in 1985, the customer has always come first. Auspex strives to fully understand the customer needs and requirements before starting a project. Having clear, mutually written goals and requirements creates a success oriented environment that leads to less waste and a successful project. Auspex is able to met this goal with careful planning, good customer communication, and using the right people for the job.


Auspex has been delivering applications and systems on time and within budget since 1985.


Auspex has developed specialized applications for a wide variety of end users. Applications range from hydroelectric dam optimization to specialized legacy protocol converters.


Auspex acquired and further developed the RCS-7 line of SCADA products in 1986. RCS-7 is a compact and stable SCADA platform first developed in 1979 for Utah Power and Light. Since then it has been used for a wide variety of SCADA applications ranging from factory automation, municipal utilities to oil and gas. In 1986 Auspex delivered its first SCADA product, RCS-7/Plus. In 2000 RCS-7/Linux was released. RCS-7/Linux is a high performance, low overhead SCADA system for applications with points counts of 500,000 or less.

Leak Detection

In 2005 Auspex acquired Leak Track 2000. LT2000 is a low impact, CPM pipeline software system, utilizing sophisticated leak detection and batch tracking algorithms. LT2000 is designed to be easy to install, configure and maintain.