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Leak Track 2000 is the perfect choice for a no hassle leak detection application. Leak Track 2000 is a quick to install, simple to maintain, and intuitive to operate.

Leak Track 2000 is a proven pipeline leak detection application. Leak Track 2000 is designed to be easy to retrofit into existing SCADA systems, new installations or as a standalone application. Schedule and track batches with arrival ETAs. A training simulator is part of the application to help users learn the operation.

Fast Setup and Installation
Configure the data points, a few pipeline parameters, and Leak Track 2000 is running. Simple to understand and with automatically generated operator displays. A single pipeline can be configured, tested, and quickly up and running.

Reliable and Robust
LT2000 was originally developed in the 90's for pipelines with slow telemetry and occasional faulty data. To reliably detect leaks these problems had be handled. LT2000 does this by automatically adjusting to available, valid real-time data while continuously monitoring for leaks.

Multiple Pipelines
LT2000 supports multiple pipelines with interconnections between them. Product changes and other operating parameters are automatically passed from one pipeline to another during stip-off or injection.

Cost and Support
The $50,000 full featured system provides everything needed for pipeline leak detection, batch tracking, alarming, and other support features to accurately monitor a pipeline for leaks. The system comes ready to receive data from your SCADA or directly scan telemetry data using the MODBUS/TCP interface(preferred). Licensed for a single pipeline, LT2000 is easily expanded to multiple pipelines with only a license upgrade. The system includes a one year warranty, unlimited training and technical support, and software updates.

Leak Track 2000 Lite
The $10,000 entry level LT2000-Lite system provides the same high quality leak detection as the full featured system with fewer features and limited to a single pipeline. This system includes a 90 day warranty with telephone and Internet support. LT2000-Lite can upgraded to LT2000 at anytime with no loss of data.

Try Before You Buy
Not sure if you need a leak detection application or if it will work for you? We provide a 30 day demo. Just pay setup charges and see LT2000 working with your pipeline. Full technical support is provided during the trail period. If you are not happy with the system after the demo period return the materials and we part friends.